Sorry, this vacancy is now closed and applications can’t be submitted!

Fundraiser & Activities Coordinator
Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Job Description

You’ll need creativity, drive and enthusiasm to motivate people to donate funds and to come up with new fundraising ideas. These ideas can be the more traditional methods of fundraising such as bazaars, sponsored walks etc or the more modern methods such as crowdfunding using the internet as a means. Excellent organisational skills will help you to plan successful events.

As a charity fundraiser you will work to increase the amount of donations made to DA and of course our ongoing campaigs to help alleviate the suffering in Syria and Yemen.  You’ll do this by contacting potential donors and coming up with new ideas to raise money. If you’ve got excellent communication skills and love the idea of supporting a charity, this could be a meaningful and highly rewarding career that offers what you’re looking for. Some of the duties you would be expected to fulfil :

  1. Writing - Securing Bids from local council, wards, local & national charities
  2. Organising events - at least 1 a month which could include treks, mountain climbs, etc in consultation with supervisor
  3. Publishing of Marketing material both electronic and physical during periods of particular campaigns especially during (but by no means restricted to)  Ramadhan - Rabeea al-Awwal - Qurbani – Winter period - times of international disasters.
  4. Teaming & Coordinating with local partners to bring about local fundraisers
  5. Building a pool of volunteers for your charity this could include students from the Adult Courses, Madrassah and Tarbiyah Course in DA.
  6. Organising a roadshow which will visit various cities for fundraising for ventures with scholars from Syria based in Turkey.
  7. Corporate fundraising – arranging company sponsorship or setting up schemes for staff and customers to donate
  8. Major donor fundraising – looking for individuals that may have an interest in your charity and wish to donate a large sum of money
  9. Legacy fundraising – helping people to leave an amount of money to your charity in their will
  10. Events – organising events like charity dinners, concerts or sports events
  11. Make contact with individuals or companies who may be interested in donating to your charity
  12. Research, develop and plan new fundraising strategies
  13. Organise fundraising events such as fashion shows, charity auctions or fun runs
  14. Manage door-to-door and street collections
  15. Recruit, train and inspire volunteers
  16. Keep records of fundraising activities and money raised
  17. Manage the running of online campaigns via Facebook and other online mediums
  18. Control budgets and meet targets for the amount of money raised
  19. Report your performance to the director of Darul Arqam by submitting a monthly questionnaire.
  20. Give talks about your charity to the public and write reports and press releases