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Service Director
The Baca Charity

Job Description

Job Description Service Director 
Responsible to:  Chief Executive
Responsible for: Management Team and Art Therapist
Location:   Main base Loughborough, England but travel will be required.
Salary:   £30,000 to £35000 per annum
Overall Purpose

 To provide leadership to serve the young asylum seeking people, enabling them to become positive and empowered individuals able to live independently as net contributors to society. 
 To ensure our service is of the highest quality, meeting young people and local authorities’ needs, in line with Baca’s vision, mission and values. 
 To lead a learning culture, ensuring we are continually learning from the young people, stakeholders and other wider opportunities. 
 To identify and develop opportunities and partnerships with local authority placement teams to allow Baca to work with more young people for a wider impact. 
Duties & Responsibilities 
 Leading the delivery and development of all young people services seeking to achieve the outcomes in line with our Theory of Change and in line with Baca’s three-year strategy; continually ensuring that the service is culturally appropriate and developing partnerships where necessary to facilitate this work.
 Leading the expansion of Baca into new geographical locations ensuring that it reflects Baca’s vision, mission and values. Developing key relationships and partners where necessary to ensure the support structures are in place for young people we care for in that area.
 Working closely with the Business Development Director to facilitate the growth of new services. 
 Lead on the development of appropriate systems and processes that will enable all teams to deliver their roles. 
 Be an active member of the Baca’s Leadership team, contributing to Baca’s organisational strategy to help achieve our vision and mission.
 Active participant in a range of events and meetings to ensure that Baca is up to date on current policies and networking with key strategic partners.
 Risk management in the delivery of the young people services, operations and areas of growth.
 Engaging in other activities in support of the organisation as a positive role model in line with Baca’s values. 
 Undertake 24/7 on-call duty as part of the on-call team rota. 

 Oversight and development of the Management team who are responsible for the day to day delivery of the service.   Responsible for the oversight of all systems, ensuring they are robust and facilitating Baca’s work with the young people, by working closely with the Operations Manager. Ensure that Baca successfully completes ISO 9001:2015 annual audits. 
 Management of partnerships with all key service delivery partners such as Local Authority Teams and educational institutions in line with Baca’s values.   
 As Designated Safeguarding Officer, responsible for ensuring all aspects of safeguarding of service users in Baca’s care including: o Leading a strong safeguarding culture in the organisation

  • Safety in accommodation
  • Relationships with staff and volunteers
  • Safety of activities undertaken by service users

 Budget oversight of rebuild team budget lines and grant funded projects facilitating young people services.


 Play an active and supportive role within the organisation, leading by example. 
 Embrace the Vision and Values of Baca and reflect this in working practice.
 Maintain strict confidentiality in relation to work undertaken and ensure all confidential material is stored according to Baca’s Confidentiality statement and Data Protection Policy. 
 Treat all staff and young people fairly and without prejudice, in line with Baca’s Equality and Diversity policy
 Lead on the correct procedures for dealing with any suggested incidences of safeguarding concerns and to follow them, in line with Baca’s Child, Vulnerable Adult Protection & Safeguarding Policy
 Adhere to all Baca’s policies and procedures.
 Ability to work flexible hours in line with the needs of the team. 
Person Specification 
Baca is looking for someone who can take the lead with the delivery of our service for young people who are unaccompanied asylum seekers aged 16 to 18. The successful applicant will have the best interests of the young people at the heart of their role. They will be willing to learn from the young people consistently and will ensure that safe relationships and a learning attitude will be at the core of Baca’s service delivery and development. They have the ability to ensure the support we give to the young people is of the highest quality and goes beyond the statutory standards set. You will be passionate about our work and able to interact well and empathise with the young people in our care. You will be able to ensure the best is always being done to support each individual.
You will be very organised and able to work and develop robust frameworks and systems that will release staff. You will be a great people person who can develop key external relationships and work well with the staff team, linking in with the culture of family that exists within the organisation. The role will require the successful candidate to complete an enhanced DBS check.
Passion for supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people with a genuine desire to see them thrive in the UK 
It is highly desirable that they have previous experience of working with unaccompanied young people and victims of trafficking and have a strong understanding of the issues involved in providing care for this cohort of young people.

Strong team leadership skills
Strong in people management with demonstrable expertise and experience in managing managers, especially across multiple locations and functions. The role requires strong ability to manage specialists with expertise other than their own. 

Strategic planning and organisational ability
Demonstrates ability to develop strategic plans and then translating long-term strategy into deliverable actions, and in devising and maintaining performance management processes that enables staff to support the young people to the best of their ability.

Decision making skills
Demonstrates the ability to make clear and well-reasoned decisions under challenging circumstances.

Understanding of financial performance data
Able to understand the drivers of successful financial performance and the presentation of financial data, and to communicate these clearly to others. Able to develop and manage budgets.

Strong networking skills
Demonstrates ability to develop and maintain a strong network of successful relationships across the public, private and voluntary sectors, in order to identify and develop new opportunities to meet the young people’s needs. 

Strong influencing skills
Both in written and spoken word, able to sell the mission and Baca’s Theory of Change in a creative and compelling way inside and outside the organisation. Able to communicate key decisions in such a way as to gain people’s engagement and commitment.