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Henna Asian Women's Group

Job Description

The overall role of a Treasurer is to maintain an overview of HAWG’s financial affairs, ensuring its financial viability and ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained and that the HAWG Board receives sufficient information on which to base its decisions and discharge its responsibilities.
Main purpose of the post:
1. To be assured that the organisation remains financially viable and operates proper
accounting and reporting procedures.
2. To work with staff to ensure the future financial stability and prospects for the
The responsibilities of the Treasurer will include:
3. To oversee, approve and present all yearly budgets, quarterly and annual accounts and
other relevant financial statements
4. Assist in the formation of the annual balance sheet, income and expenditure accounts
and background notes to the accounts
5. Be assured that the accounts are audited (where applicable) in an approved form,
included in the Annual Report and submitted to the relevant statutory bodies
6. Make a formal presentation of the accounts at the AGM and draw attention to
important points in a coherent and easily understandable way
7. Be assured that the financial resources of the organisation meet its present and future
Treasurer’s Person Specification
In addition to the qualities needed by all trustees, the Treasurer should also possess the
• Financial experience and business planning skills
• Some experience of charity finance, fundraising and pension schemes
• The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences
• A preparedness to be available to give financial advice and answer enquiries from any
staff or volunteers on an ad hoc basis.