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Chair of the Board of Trustees
Cavernoma Alliance UK

Job Description

Cavernoma Alliance UK, a national Dorset-based charity supporting people diagnosed with cavernoma, is looking for a new Chair of its Board of Trustees following the retirement of the current Chair.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone to help set the direction of the charity as it enters a new phase in its development following a massive increase in its membership over the last five years.

A cavernoma is a lesion, primarily found in the brain or spine, made up of abnormal blood vessels which can seep blood into the surrounding brain and spinal tissue. One in 600 people can have a cavernoma without knowing it. Those who have a symptomatic cavernoma, however, are far rarer, with only one in 12,500 experiencing problems such as strokes, seizures, and neurological difficulties.

The Chair will lead the Trustee Board and work with the staff and volunteers to deliver the objectives of the Charity. The Chair will be the public face of the Charity and act as ambassador and spokesperson where necessary. The Chair will ensure effective governance of the Charity and that Trustees are effective and fulfil their role and will guide and support the Chief Executive.