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Hon. Treasurer
Bromley Arts Council

Job Description

This is a voluntary position, and the Treasurer is a Charity Trustee and one of the four Officers of the Charity, the others being the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the  Secretary. The Officers form a Standing Committee which meet regularly to discuss important issues and, in certain circumstances, make decisions to be ratified by the Executive Committee.  The present Treasurer is Mr T.C.Rogers (Tim Rogers).

The duties of the Treasurer are:-

  1. To be responsible for the overall management of the finances of the Charity.

  2. To liaise with the other officers, and if problems arise, call for a Standing Committee meeting.

  3. To supervise the activities of the Bookkeeper/Finance officer and the deputy Bookkeeper. This includes monitoring receipts, authorising and making payments, and ensuring that all bought invoices are presented to the Secretary for approval. This normally involves a weekly visit to the office.

  4. To operate and control the Bank account. The Treasurer is one of four signatories and all cheques require two signatures.

  5. To be an administrator on Bankline with the authority to make BACS payments. The other administrator is the Assistant Treasurer.

  6. To monitor, authorise and pay the monthly staff salaries

  7. To organise Finance Committee meetings, a) in June – to propose the new rates for Room Hire, Weddings/Functions, Salaries and Rents: and b) in November– to work out the Budget figures for the following year.

  8. To present regular financial reports to the Executive Committee, and to obtain approval for the proposals of the Finance Committee meetings.

  9. To organise the preparation of the Annual Accounts, in April/ May, to present to the Independent Examiner at the end of May; and when the Independent Examination has been completed, to present the accounts to the Executive Committee for approval and signature.

  10. To present the accounts to the Annual General Meeting in July, together with a Financial Review.